NO NAME MADDOX                           

        Beetlepunchbumdrunkrock in a subtile version           of history lesson in american-sub-music
  • Nils & Laars Kistner (songs, voices, guitars, accordeon, drum)
  • Damian Tonnies (bass)
  • guest: Tobias Traupe 
  • biggest fan: Jyri Järvenpää, Helsinki (Finland)
  • best wishes to Jurgen and Dik from "THUD!", Groningen


No Name Maddox (Pseudonym von Carles Manson) since 1991 (on a rainy day of course!)

... I was fairly drunk when it began and I took out my bottle and used it along the way. I was reading a week or two and I did not look quite as pretty but brought it off and we ended up at Webbs and I drank wine, beer, tequila and noticed a nice one sitting next to me, lovely, and I put my arm around her and began loading her with bullshit ...

Take It Or Leave It!!



"No Name Maddox" 4/91
"No Survive ..." 8/91
"EX" 9/93




   Laars Kistner
   Schöne Aussicht 20
   34346 Hann. Münden
   Tel. 05541-904902
   [email protected]

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